Party Planning On A Ship: Industry Statistics

When people think about the hospitality industry, they usually think about things like weddings party planning, and big hotels.

But that is simply not the entirety of the industry.

In fact, there are some more overlooked areas which are still vital to the hospitality industry.

And the cruise ship industry is one of those.

For example, there are over 20 million cruise ship passengers every year. That’s no number to scoff at.

Additionally, the industry has been growing by 7.4% on average since 1980 so just like the rest of the hospitality industry, this segment is just getting larger and larger.

Some of the demographics are interesting as well.

Check out first of all how many Americans have taken a cruise. A whopping almost 20%!

That means 1 out of every 5 Americans has taken a cruise.

And the average age of a cruise passenger is 50.

This is very telling. It indicates that cruises are taken by people at or near retirement. Perhaps married spouses later in life are looking for things like second honeymoons are more adventurous and guided explorations.

Because what’s the big benefit of a cruise?

You have an organized, guided trip to different locations in one area. An Alaskan cruise takes you up the Pacific coast. A Mediterranean cruise can take you to the different Greek islands. You aren’t fixed in one centralized location.

And clearly that is what people are looking for when they book a cruise.

What’s interesting is that cruises are catering to party planning as they become more popular with younger demographics. Party planning is a big thing on cruises as people like to party on a ship for a week.

What do you think is appealing about cruises and what do you think of the cruise ship industry? Let us know in the comments below.

Party Planning On A Ship: Industry Statistics

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