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Directs event planners to your site,
not away from it.

Showcase interactive function spaces in 2D and 3D

Don't just list your function spaces - empower prospective clients to start planning events immediately!

Proactive Lead Generation

Invite prospective clients to contact and send RFPs to your venue.

Embed online tools on social media and websites

Host managed content on your venue website to increase brand visibility and conversion throughput.

Manage Reviews and Feedback

Display and respond to authentic reviews from event planners who have organized events at your venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of claiming or listing my venue?

For security reasons, you are required to sign up and verify your identity to claim or list your venue.

How do I put the Event Sales Tool on my Facebook or website?

Once you've claimed your account, you can access the Event Sales Tool from your 'My Venue' page. Use it to incentivise prospective clients to make direct bookings on your website.

Are there any costs involved?

You can claim or list your venue at absolutely no cost.

I need help with my venue listing, who can I contact?

Contact us on our Feedback & Support Center at We would be happy to help you out!