What You Should Know About The Latest Event Technology And Event Apps

The event planning industry and the necessity for an event planning app is getting larger and larger every year.

Did you know that there are more than 1.83 million events every year with 225 million attendees? That’s enormous.

And a lot of money is being poured into events, in an amount more than $280 billion!

But with all those events, attendees, and all that money, there’s a persistent problem: how can event planners keep up?

That means that event planners have to take on a lot by themselves while handling many different parties all at once from clients to venues to vendors.

But the good news is that event technology is helping event planners, whether professionals or the DIY crowd in saving time and making things more efficient.

Checking out the infographic below, you can see that users of an event planning app are reporting 40% or more of time savings with the technology.

And this makes sense.

Instead of doing everything with pen and paper, you can take care of a lot of your needs digitally with an event planning app.

With an event planning app, seating charts can be exported and changed with ease, check in can be done with a tablet as opposed to a clipboard, and diagrams can be displayed and shared easily.

So those are the trends now but what are the trends for the future?

It appears that what is getting better and better is getting diagramming to a point where you feel like you are at the event. That’s the idea behind 3D rendering and VR.

The idea is you do not want to be surprised the day of the event with the layout looking much different than what you planned.

What do you think event technology trends hold for the future? Let us know in the comments below!

FWhat You Should Know About The Latest Event Technology

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