Bachelorette Party Ideas And Statistics

Is a bachelor or bachelorette party all about raucous Vegas nights? Not all, but a lot, yeah. Did you know that 35% of all Las Vegas visitors are there for a bachelor/ bachelorette party? Las Vegas is not the city of sin then. It is the city of “soon to be marriage” then, right?

From the looks of things, it looks like a lot of people would not want to admit to their partners what goes on in these lascivious nights. But maybe it’s not all as sexualized as everything appears and maybe not all bachelor parties and bachelorette party ideas revolve around this kind of stuff. For instance, what percent of bachelor parties do you think involve exotic dancers? I was surprised that it was not just less than 99% but also less than 50%!

And what is it about sex toys and these parties? For instance, did you know that bachelorettes admitted more to receiving a sex toy as a gift than men? And in both cases of bachelor and bachelorette parties, more than half the respondents of both sexes admitted to getting a sex toy as a gift! Looks like we went into the wrong industry.

Also, looks like both men and women agree that no bride-to-be should plan any part of her groom’s bachelor party. I guess that shows some level of trust?

Anyway, check out some of the other statistics we found for you. You might be surprised by what people admit to and what they probably don’t admit to. Let us know what you think of this information in the comments below.

Bachelorette Party Ideas And Statistics

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