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Job Summary

Education : Computer Science

Career Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

Job Description

Have you published one or more Unity3D apps? Are you the top guru in the Unity forums, UnityAnswers, and pretty much anywhere on the open web? Or perhaps simply all-round awesome, and multitask like a pro?

If you identify with any of the above, we would love to hear from you. And of course you would also be required to do other important things like bowling, having fun, loving chocolate (or pretending to do so), participate in our infinitely-round-table discussions, talk to the pesky and sometimes quirky product and marketing folks, among other things.

Your other main duties will involve being a master in Unity3D, working your magic in C#, JavaScript, with your impressive knowledge of object oriented design, design patterns, 3D math, data structures, and everything necessary to get stuff done.

Sounds good? Let us know.

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