35 Event Marketing Statistics That Every Event Marketer Should Know

Anyone who works in the events industry knows how valuable event marketing can be. But you can’t just throw an event and expect it all to work out for your business. A lot of planning needs to go into any event you throw.

First thing’s first: almost everyone (88%) is using social media event marketing to increase awareness about their events.

And this makes sense. Social media is either free or cheap to use and a great way to get the message about your event out there. It’s also a great way for people to share thoughts and pictures from an event to create that nostalgia kind of feeling.

But interestingly enough 51% of event professionals find the biggest challenge in using social media being how to use it effectively.

That is a great question that even the best online event marketing firms deal with. There are so many social media outlets and it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

While there are many places to start, the best advice is always just trying as much as you can and seeing what works for your business.

Stick to what works and discard what doesn’t.

Nothing beats experience in terms of knowing what your customers are going to respond to.

But even if you are not in the events industry, this kind of stuff is very useful if you are trying to promote any good or service. Putting on events can let people know about your brand and what you are doing and lets you meet customers face to face.

Let us know about how your event marketing efforts have gone in the comments below.

35 Statistics That Every Event Marketer Should Know

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