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Dear Fellow Hospitality Professionals,

After having been in the hospitality industry a long time, I have had the opportunity to talk to venue owners and venue employees about the different challenges they have had. Being on the event planning side and on also on the venue side of the coin, I’ve been able to see how difficult it can be to close sales and meet sales targets. I’ve also seen how venue function spaces can sit empty many times of the year, even in high season. I’ve even had the experience of people in venues telling me they book spaces at losses sometimes just to make the venue seem more full.

So the big takeaway I got from this over the years and the bottom line is that it is tough to make sales in the hospitality industry. But the thing is after all these years, I’ve been able to come to a lot of realizations about how this process can be improved significantly. And at EventForte, in our desire to give back to the industry, we really want to just give you this information away for free. That’s why we created this webinar. We’re not trying to pitch you yet another product. We just want you to grow your venue sales. Just to get us started we know that time is money and we know that your time is valuable but if you even learn just one new tactic that brings in more sales from this free webinar, won’t that be worth it? You can read more below about what is covered in the webinar and who we are.

Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Co-Founder, EventForte, Inc.

Here is what you will learn

How to increase your sales without increasing your leads
How to increase your sales without spending more on advertisements
How to improve your website without technical experience
Simple conversion methods that industry experts don’t really want to share
How to turn customers into referral machines in a few easy steps
And Much More...

Who are we?

EventForte is a top rated hospitality product and services company. Deans of the top hospitality universities have requested us to create hospitality course curriculums. Smart Meetings called us one of the most innovative hospitality companies. Corbin Ball & Co. has said we are at the forefront of the hospitality tech revolution. Our products and services are used by the best and brightest hospitality students through our DreamForte Program. We have a wide range of customers from Fortune 1000 companies to small, family owned companies.

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