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Job Summary

Education : Computer Science

Career Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

Job Description

As a full-stack engineer, you would need wide knowledge, a broad skillset, and the expertise in each to back it up.

Does that make you a jack of all trades?

Perhaps you’re amazing, or perhaps you’re just a genius. Well that’s good. If you show us that you can be an invaluable member, we would be more than happy to have you join us in doing important stuff like bowling, having fun, loving chocolate (or pretending to do so), participating in our infinitely-round-table discussions, and talking to the pesky and sometimes quirky product and marketing folks, among other things.

You would also be tasked in working across our entire technology stack (current and future), doing whatever it takes (development-wise) to help us create amazing products to change the landscape of the industry. Your expertise in JavaScript frameworks, RESTful APIs, Java/C# wizardry, SQL, Apache Hadoop, and your knack for learning and adapting to new relevant technologies, will allow you to contribute to our teams and clients in a meaningful manner.

You could be a rock star. We’re forward-looking and ready to be impressed - let us know.

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